Summer 2002 Concert Reviews
Various Atlanta Area Shows
By Ronnie

O.K., I'll admit it. I'm a little lazy this summer when it comes to live reviews. But there were so many worth mentioning that I just grouped them all together. Plus, there were TWO fests in one weekend, Rockfest and AthFest, so I was a little overwhelmed. With that in mind, what follows is my concise reviews of: Bonepony, Sunder, Dan K. Theory, Jeniphoria, HiFiDriveBy, 4 Fourty, Emerald Rose and the Asylum Street Spankers...

Bonepony - June 7, 2002
The Star Bar:
Atlanta, Georgia

An excellent set by these eclectic, power-folk trio. They played a cool cover of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall". I think the crowd at the Star Bar was unsure about the band, since I've seen better crowd reactions from the crowd when Bonepony played Smith's Olde Bar. A strange, timid reaction by the crowd, especially since the band was ON tonight! One funny sidenote: a guy in the crowd was asking me about EAR CANDY. He was astounded that I make no money at it?! He just couldn't get over the fact that I do it just for the love of the music.

Click here to visit the official Bonepony web site

Rockfest - Saturday, June 22, 2002
The Somber Reptile:
Atlanta, Georgia

Although the crowd was sparse at Atlanta's Rockfest, I was exposed to some COOL new bands, some of whom I've featured in this issue of EAR CANDY. I talked to promoter Todd West about what he wanted to achieve with Rockfest:

Todd West: Originally, we started it in 1990; we came up with an idea for an industry showcase for labels. Basically I approach different bands, I try to get independent artists. Artists that are on their own independent label, homegrown label or on smaller independent labels. It's been annual since 1991.

The bands that played Rockfest represented a cross section of what is going on in rock 'n roll today. You had Christian rock, jazz fusion, sex-rock, power-pop-punk and hard rock. Here is a brief overview of the bands that played at Rockfest Atlanta:

These Christian rockers impressed me with their high energy/catchy songs. They were especially tight as a band live. EAR CANDY interview in this issue

Dan K. Theory
Their jazz-flavored music was professionally is just that this type of music isn't my cup-of-tea. While I totally despise jazz-fusion rock, I didn't hate this band. In fact, I know a lot of people that WOULD dig them.

High energy rock with an emphasis on the Sex-factor. But hey, that's what rock 'n roll's all about! Kinda like a Janis Joplin doing modern rock. Definitely worth checking out again! EAR CANDY interview in this issue

These guys were real troopers! Driving all the way from Knoxville, Tennessee to play this scheduled gig although their bass player had just quit. So, you could imagine that their sound had NO bottom. But, these guys have a fantastic new CD out to promote! EAR CANDY interview in this issue

4 Fourty
A hard rock band in the classic '80s mold of hard rock bands. You didn't know that new groups like this still existed, but they do! Still, you should experience this band live, at least to see that hard rock still exists. Plus, they've got one helluva hot lead guitarist! (His playing was impressive even during sound check!) EAR CANDY interview in this issue

Click here to visit the Rockfest web site

AthFest - Sunday, June 23, 2002
Athens, Georgia

Since Rockfest and AthFest occured the same weekend this year, I had to split my time between the two fests. Unfortunately, AthFest got a little short-changed, since I only got to attend on Sunday afternoon. Plus, the unyeilding afternoon Georgia summer sun shortened my stay. However, I WAS impressed enough to make it a point to see more of AthFest next year!

Emerald Rose What can I say about Emerald Rose that I haven't said in past interviews? Great set, especially in the blazing summer heat. Its interesting to see how many people flock to the band's CD table after their gig to purchase a CD.

Asylum Street Spankers Each time I see the Spankers live they have a different lineup. But, they always entertain to the max with their own wacky brand of jazz, folk, swing, country and humorous songs. Sure their set was a little shorter compared to their regular club shows, but it was great hearing songs off their new CD! Plus, I was inspired to catch their evening performance in Atlanta to catch a full set at Smith's Olde Bar. How do you explain ASS (Asylum Street Spankers) to the uninitiated? Well, imagine if you will, tripping on acid and taking a time machine back to a roaring '20s-era clandestine speakeasy. The Asylum Street Spankers would be THAT band playing!

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